Impact of Poverty in Early Education

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     What can we do to stop poverty among young children?


 Work together as a community- "It takes a village to raise a child"

 Share resources that are out there for parents/guardians-spread the news

 Stay current with workshops, conferenences, and trainings that organizations

      have to offer                                                                       



        How can we be sure the above gets done?


 Educate those around you

  It starts with "one" person   

  Educators and professionals can ensure that information

       is being  spread



         How is this site going to educate the viewers on how poverty

        effects cognitive development?


 It will provide information on the importance of cognitive



  It will provide current and up to date research on how poverty

       effects cognitive development


  It will have links to resources available for early intervention


  It will show the importance of early intervention before and after



  It will provide references sources used to backup information in this



  A contact page will be used for those who have any information to add as 

       well as for questions or comments